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May 6, 2009:  A group of dedicated members from Tulsa Hills Baptist Church (FORMERLY Opportunity Heights Baptist) presented the idea of starting a new church with a new direction and new form of leadership.

May 13, 2009:  The pastor of Tulsa Hills Baptist, Rev. Donald L. Smith, Jr., met with the Tulsa Hills Baptist Church Clerk and discussed the basic organizational structure for a new church entity.

Bro Don mentioned possible options for the group of Tulsa Hills Baptist members.  One was to merge with another church, or to start a new church. After a short discussion, since we are not aware of any church wanting to merge at this time, discussion turned to beginning the process of starting a new church. If a merge became available, possible pursuit could take place at that time.

Naming the new church: The apparent need for a new church identity was discussed. Several possible names were considered, but after consulting the local phonebook, all mentioned seemed to be taken. It then was mentioned that we should take back the former name with a slight variation and designated the new name as  . . .  Opportunity Baptist Church with a possible motto of "Making the most of every opportunity".  The members would be consulted within the week to get their opinion and if in agreement, immediate pursuit would begin.  (Agreement was made, papers mailed May 17, 2009 to incorporate the business. Incorporation papers rec’d May 23, 2009)

Location for meetings: Discussion of where to hold services began with the option of meeting in member’s homes until a permanent location could be acquired. Jimmie mentioned that it may be a burden to meet both Sunday morning and evening in the same home. Suggestion was to use Jimmie’s home for Sunday morning and Shirley's  home on Sunday and Wednesday Evening. Service times would be 9:45am for Bible-Study and 11am for Worship with both evening services starting at 6pm.

Meeting concluded with acknowledgment that final decisions would be left up to the members of this group, but in the meantime, we will pursue the items as discussed.

June 3, 2009:  First official business meeting

FINANCIAL REPORT: Recvd a generous donation check from CG Martin Co. plus funds from the TEL class. Offering recvd from plate around $225.   Financially very secure.

SMALL GROUP BIBLE-STUDY (S.S.): We have met for 2 weeks with an average attendance of 10.

 Motion made to open a Business Checking Account  & open a Business Savings Account at Bank Of Oklahoma.  Motion Passed. (Account opened  Friday June 5th)  Motion made to open a P.O. Box in Jenks. Passed.  (P.O. Box 123)  Motion made to accept Rev. Don Smith, Jr. As Pastor. Passed.   Motion made to accept the following as Officers/Teachers/Committee members: (handout given) Passed. Church Clerk/Treasurer: Jimmie M. Newton.  Family Ministry Leaders (formerly stewards): Jesse Rains, Bucky Newton.  Motion made to accept Constitution & By-Law as written. Passed.   Motion made to Support the BGCO & Tulsa Metro Baptist by giving 5% each of offerings collected. Passed.   Motion made to purchase office copier and laptop computer. Passed.   Motion made to open website -  Passed.  Motion made to continue Pastor's salary at $850/mth beginning July 1st.  Passed.   Meeting adjouned.

July 27, 2009:  Signed lease.   First Commercial facility: 1,250 sq ft store front property.  Move in date is August 16, 2009.  500 W. A Street, Jenks OK.  Also purchased and had delivered '90' chairs (linkable, maroon cloth covered, with armrests).

April 2010:  We recieved a call that a church had a desire to merge with us.  Several meetings were conducted.  Plans to merge with Mayfair Baptist Church began.

July 2010:  Merge process was completed.  New church formed - New Opportunity (Mayfair) Baptist Church , 5303 W. 1st Street, Tulsa 74127.  Due to the Air Conditioning going out in the store front property, the first meeting in the Mayfair Building, although un-official, was July 4th.  3rd Saturday SING on July 17th was the first official meeting of the new congregation.  July 18th, 2010 marked the first Sunday Worship Service held in the aquired building.

July 2013:  "HOME CHURCH"  format was formed.  Church Building was sold and proceeds are being used to further the Ministry Efforts of New Opportunity Baptist Church.  Worship and Bible-Study Meetings held at a member's personal home for a true 'family' feeling.